Digital Banking

Getting Started with Digital Banking

  • Conveniently and securely complete many transactions online, saving a trip to a branch.
  • Check balances for all of your accounts - checking and savings, loans and lines of credit.
  • Transfer funds between checking and savings or from a line of credit to a deposit account and use the transfer option to make loan payments.
  • View canceled check images exactly as they will appear on your image statement.
  • Download your statement to personal finance software such as Quick Books for Business, Quicken or Microsoft Money.
  • Place stop payments on specific checks.
  • Reorder checks.

Digital Banking Security

  • Digital Banking uses SSL (secure sockets layer), which ensures that your connections and information are secure from outside inspection. Your account and payment information are accessible only by you.

Digital Banking Bill Pay Service

  •  Pay any bill online that you currently pay by check, including payments to individuals.*
  • Track payments at to know when they have been processed and have an electronic record of the transaction.
  • Once you enter account information for each of your payees (for example: utility or telephone company, pharmacy, etc.) you can pay bills in seconds.
  • Make recurring payments like rent, car or mortgage payments easily. Once you set up the schedule (up to a year in advance), you're done - the bill is paid each month, on the day you specify.
*Court-ordered payments and state and federal tax payments cannot be made through the bill pay service.
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