Digital Banking Helpful Tips

• After initial login, you will no longer enter the last 6 of your social security number/tax ID number but instead use the password you selected.

• When you reach the disclosure agreement page, click the link to view the disclosure. A new window will open. Once you’ve reviewed, close that window and click the box in the original      window to indicate you have read and agree with the terms.

• Please call customer service at 417.256.2147 if an account of which you are the owner is not accessible within digital banking.

• When you reach the one time security code screen, you will be asked how you can be reached. If the phone numbers listed as options to receive a call or text are not correct, double check  that you entered your user ID correctly (remember, it is case sensitive).

• The mobile app will require you to correctly answer questions for identification verification purposes. This will only occur the first time you use the app.

If you have questions not addressed here, please call 417.256.2147 to speak with customer service or contact us through our website.