Taking control of your hard-earned money is the best way to prevent fraud. SecurLock Equip puts immediate control of your debit card in the palm of your hand by allowing you to turn it on or off, set location-based controls, block international transactions and set spending limits from your smartphone.

The convenience of two-way texting ensures you will be alerted of potential fraud and have a chance to respond.

  • Did you accidentally leave your card behind at a store or restaurant?Use SecurLOCK to temporarily disable it until you retrieve it.
  • Have you discovered a potentially fraudulent charge on your card?Easily disable your card within the SecurLOCK app.
  • Do you want to restrict purchases to a specific area, such as the town or state in which you live?With SecurLOCK, you can block transactions conducted outside an area you designate.
  1. Download the SecurLOCK Equip mobile app to your Apple® or Android® device.
  2. Open the app and register as a 'New User'.
  3. Create a unique username and password.
  4. Follow the instructions to register your debit card with SecurLOCK Equip.
  5. Accept the Terms and Conditions to begin using SecurLOCK Equip.
For additional information, contact a customer service representative or visit one of our full-service branches.