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Commercial Business Loans in Willow Springs

Commercial Business Loans

Willow Springs is our home, and we want businesses here to grow and thrive. We want to be your banking partner to help you with all your commercial business loan needs, including small business loans and commercial property loans. Whether you are acquiring, managing, or growing a small business, or need a startup business loan in Willow Springs or the surrounding area, we can help you find a loan that’s customized to fit your cash flow needs.

Commercial Property Finance

Commercial property financing at West Plains Bank and Trust Company is designed to quickly provide you with the funding needed to buy and develop real estate. Almost anyone can apply for commercial property finance, including startups. Contact one of our friendly lenders today to get started.

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Investment Property Financing

Investing in real estate can be a very rewarding and lucrative way to put your money to work, but most people don’t have a large sum of cash available for such an investment. We’re happy to help with investment property financing that will allow you to buy an investment property, and we can show you a variety of ways to secure rental property financing.

Learn more about our business loan products, including small business lending, agricultural lending, investment property financing and rental property financing here.

Commercial Loan Amortization Calculator

We want to help you get the best deal on your commercial loan. With this calculator you can estimate the cost of borrowing for these larger loans. This commercial loan amortization calculator will give you an idea of how much you can afford to finance over a certain term. Just plug in the numbers and find out what your monthly payments might look like.

You can use our commercial loan amortization calculator for multiple types of financing, including:

  • Commercial Property Loans
  • Small Business Loans
  • Startup Business Loans
  • Commercial Property Finance
  • Investment Property Financing
  • Rental Property Financing 
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We're proud to serve you and the Willow Springs community

At West Plains Bank and Trust Company in Willow Springs, we value the communities we serve. We are dedicated to making them financially stronger and healthier at every level. Providing local businesses and individuals with helpful banking that makes sense for them is just the beginning.

As members of the Willow Springs community, our employees understand our customers are more than clients—you’re neighbors. We take the time to listen first, and then apply our years of banking experience to find the best services and products to support your goals. Our Willow Springs branch proudly supports the community and finds opportunities to give back through participation in local charities and events.