Internet Banking FAQ's

Access ID

Through the initial conversion, will I be able to see all accounts I am primary on or will I have to request them?

Yes.  All accounts you are primary on should display.  If you need access to additional accounts, a request can be made through the “Add an online account” function on the User Services tab.

If I have an account listed on my current i-Bank login, it will come over with the conversion?

Yes.  All access granted in the previous Internet banking system should transfer to the new system.  If you used Bill Pay with more than one account, you should have received a phone call from the bank stating that you would need to have a separate Access ID for each Bill Pay account.

If I have a co-owner on my account, are we both supposed to use the same Access ID, or will we each have our own Access ID?

Each person should have their own Access ID.

Is there going to be an expiration time limit for Access IDs if they are not used?

If you do not use your Access ID for 90 days, your account will be disabled.

Can I change my new system password to the one I used on the old system?

Once you log into your Access ID using the temporary password described to you, you will be required to change your password.  If your previous password meets the security requirements, you can re-use it for the new system.

If I am a brand new user, do I choose my own ACCESS ID?

Yes.  If the Access ID you have chosen has already been used by another user, it will prompt you to select another one.     

Will the system ask my one of my security questions every time I log in?  What if I am on a laptop with a wireless connection?

When you initially login to your new Access ID, you will be prompted to set your security questions.  If you always use the same computer, you will not be asked one of these questions unless you delete your temporary Internet files on your Internet browser.  This will be no different for a laptop on a wireless connection.
However, if you are logging into your Access ID from a computer you have never logged in from before, you will be asked one of your security questions.

Payments (Bill Pay)

How do I request Bill Payment Services?

Click the "Payments" tab, click the "Click Here to Request Bill Pay services" link.  After you “Click Here,” you will be taken to the “Account Services” page in the “User Services” tab.  Click the “Edit” link on the account they want to add Bill Pay to.  Select the radio button labeled “Basic with Bill Pay” listed under the Available Services and then click the “Submit” button. After you complete this, if you click on the “Payments” tab again, you will receive a page that says the Bill Pay Services will be authorized and active within 24 hours.  You will be able to access Bill Payment Services the next business day.

Do I have the option to set up a recurring payment and a one time payment on the same biller? (i.e.: regular payment plus unscheduled principle payment?)

Yes.  You can set up your recurring payments to pay on the same day or date.  When you do this, you can also schedule a one-time payment for that same biller.

Will CheckFree be making the decision on how a bill is paid or is it the bank’s responsibility?

CheckFree determines the best, easiest, and fastest way for a biller to be paid.  When you enter an amount to pay to a biller, the first available date for the transaction pre-fills in the pay date.

How does CheckFree pay my bills, and do I have the option how the payments are processed?

CheckFree determines the best of three ways to pay every payment.  These options are:
1)  An electronic debit will be taken out of your account and an electronic credit will be applied to your biller's account.
2)  An electronic debit will be taken out of your account and CheckFree will mail your biller a paper check drawn on CheckFree's account.
3)  CheckFree will mail your biller a paper check drawn on your account.  These funds will be withdrawn from your account when your biller cashes the check.
CheckFree determines these options on an individual basis, and there is not an option to request a certain type of payment.  If you are paying a new biller for the first time, CheckFree may pay them by slower means, so you may need to allow extra time.

Can you schedule future payments in bill pay?

Yes.  You select the date a bill is paid, every time.

Will I get notification when a bill has been paid (like a confirmation the biller has received payment)?

No.  Your transaction history is displayed inside the Payments tab.  No confirmation messages are sent out unless you have that option set up with that particular biller when they receive a payment.


I enrolled in Internet Banking today and my account balances are not showing.

Your Internet Banking system will have to go through a nightly system update.  If your information is not displaying correct the following business day, please contact Customer Service.

Is a cash transaction going to show up faster with the new system?

No.  The new Internet banking system will immediately post all pending transactions, including all cash and check deposits.

From point of login, how far back will I be able to see my history?

When you log into your new Access ID, you will be able to see your current and previous account statements.  Your account will begin storing data from the date you log in the first time and will continue storing data for two years.

If I have an ACH deposit coming in and/or checks, is there any way they will be able to see that?

Yes.  The new Internet banking system will post all pending transactions in the Account Details.

If one of my accounts switches to dormant status because I haven’t used it, will it still display?

The account will display balance information, but you will not be allowed to conduct transfers with it until you come to a branch and reactivate the account. 

If I am on another persons’ account, can I gain access and use bill pay with it?

Yes.  If you are an owner of the account, you can have it set up on your access just like any account in which you are the primary owner.

Is there somewhere that I can view an image of a deposit slip or check?

Yes.  When you are in the Account Detail, all transactions will be listed.  Both checks and deposit slips will have a link to the image.


What is the cut-off time for a transfer between my accounts both held at West Plains Bank and Trust Company?

3:00 PM

Can transfers be made into investment accounts?

Our recommendation is to send payments to your investment brokers with Bill Pay unless the payment needs to be made immediately

Can I make transfers to and from external accounts (at another bank)?

Yes.  You must be owner on both accounts.

How long does it take to set up an external transfer account?

All you need to do is provide the information for your account, supply the bank with a signed form authorizing your transactions and a copy of a voided check or deposit slip.  If you are the bank to set this up, it can be done in just a few minutes.

If I want to be able to transfer to or from a West Plains Bank and Trust Company account to an external account what information do you have to have?

You will need to provide the Bank name, the bank routing number, your account number and account type, the account owner name if you would like transfer to capabilities, transfer from capabilities or both.  You will also need to provide a voided check or deposit slip and sign the required forms to grant approval

Is there a charge for an external transfer?

Yes.  Depending on the type of transaction, there will be a fee of $3.00 or $5.00 per transaction.


Will there be a charge for statements?

No, E-Statements will be offered free of charge to all customers.

How long will my E-Statments be archived?

Your Internet Banking E-Statements will be archived for two years, and it will start archiving from the statement after you opt-in.

User Services

Are requests immediate? (i.e. Request Documents)

No.  Any request made on Internet Banking is simply a request.  Someone at the bank will review those requests daily and get back to you.

What is the edit for on “remove online account?”

If your account has another function, you can request it there.  (i.e.  request Bill Pay for a checking account, or request Loan Advance for a revolving Credit Line loan.)

Will customers get a physical certificate for the bonds purchased through Internet banking?

Yes.  You will get the same Savings Bond as if you came into the bank to order it.

Is the default on marketing messages during the conversion?

Yes.  If you prefer not to receive marketing messages, you must opt-out.

If I have a Notify Me alert set up when will I receive that alert?

Your alerts will be delivered after the Internet banking system updates at 4:00 AM every morning.

Is there a way for me to be notified of all deposits?

Yes.  Under the Notify Me selection, set up an alert for any deposit > $0.01.

If I request a stop payment, will I still need to come to the bank to sign a form?

No.  Your request is from a secure Access ID assigned to you alone.  If a situation arises in which we need proof of your request, we have logs to track what was done on your Access ID.

What if I try to make a stop payment on an item that I didn’t know had already cleared my account?

Someone from the bookkeeping department will contact you and the Stop Payment will not be placed on your account.

If a stop payment is put on over the weekend, when will it be in effect? 

The stop payment fee will not come out of your account until the following business day, but the stop payment will have a time stamp on it when you placed the stop.  It will go into effect at that time.

If I have a checking account which I receive free checks, will I be charged to order my checks online?

No.  If your checks are provided free, they will remain that way.  If your account is accidentally charged for your checks, contact one of our Customer Service Representatives and they will refund this charge.

To change my Passcode, do I have to know my old one?

It depends.  If you get logged in and would like to change it through User Services, you will be asked to provide it.  If you do not know it, click the “Forgot Passcode” from the login page and you can reset it yourself.


Where do messages sent in Internet banking go?

Any messages your send through Internet banking will be delivered to West Plains Bank and Trust via a secure site in which we at the bank handle Internet banking maintenance.  Once the message is received, it will be delivered to the person with the experience in the subject you need help with and they will contact you.

Can we send documents to the bank through Internet banking?

Yes, document attachments may be transferred to and from the bank through the messages tab.  You can attach a document up to 5 MB to each message.